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Welcome to Silver Moon Photography. 

I'm Linda Joseph-Turek, owner of Silver Moon Photography. I work with business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level, whether they're a store front or internet based business. My services include Commercial, Product, Office Environment photos, Interiors/Exteriors, Custom Stock and Real Estate. It's based on your current and future needs.

The images I create for you, strengthen your brand, add brand consistency, and connect you to your target audiences; making you more visible and more profitable. If your business matters and you're ready to grow, then its time for original, unique photography, that tells your story, and gives you a FACE the world can see.

What are you waiting for?

Let me know how I can help you...give me a call at 714.887.3165.


My passion for photography took root in the 2nd grade as I watched nature films. Each one swept me away, magically mesmerizing and enticing me into the wild scene. Time stood still.

As the oldest of 7 children, I saw myself as responsible and often ask to use my Mom’s Brownie camera. With few exceptions, the answer was NO.

In the 7th grade, I bought my first camera, a Polaroid Swing Camera with babysitting money. That summer, we took a vacation to my grandpa’s farm in Oklahoma, where I photographed my family, and the farm house. I held my breath for nearly 3 minutes as the 1st  image of the farm house, developed before my eyes. I could barely wait to pull the backing off the Polaroid image. Here it was, in my hand, the picture of the farmhouse with dappled light from the overhanging trees. That scene, that landscape, was THE most beautiful black and white picture I had ever seen. I was captivated by the light, the magic, and I was hooked. Photography had seduced me; and there went the babysitting money!

After graduate school, I lived my dream, fulfilling my photographic passion through teaching and photographing nature and wildlife. My focus changed through necessity and I worked for other companies for 10 years, all the while still doing photography. 8 years ago, an opportunity arose and I returned full time to commercial photography, strengthening and fine tuning my skills, business focus, and direction. I’ve created a niche I love, which benefits business owners and helps them “Stand OUT in the Sea of Competition."

I grow my business through referrals, and belong to the WOMBATs BNI chapter of Business Network International and previously to NAWBO-OC, the National Association of Women Business Owners. 

So What Are YOU waiting for? Give me a call, so we can chat about your business...  714.887.3165

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If you have questions about the work you see on our website or are interested in speaking with us about your project, please call or email us.
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Linda Joseph-Turek
Silver Moon Photography
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